When we set out to build a company 9 years ago, sat down in the local coffee shop, I don’t think we exactly knew where this would take us. Even if we’d still be going 9 years on. But rather wonderfully, many late nights later, early morning trips to airports, and driving across the UK, we are.


What’s most surprising is how global our outlook has become - just this week, we’ve been working with clients in New York, one somewhere in the bottom of Italy, a big brand in Marseilles, another just outside Venice, and last night in Austin, Texas.


Whatever is happening with UK Politics or our supposed separation with the EU, we are incredibly fortunate that people want to work with us from around the world, and long may it last!


Technology transcends geographical boundaries, and we are happy working with clients through Zoom, Skype, Slack, Google Hangouts, FaceTime. There’s nothing quite like a face to face meeting to get to know someone, but for the day-to-day progress, is it really necessary?


Working as a remote team, we respect and enjoy the flexibility that comes from remote locations, utilising all the technology it brings.


People often think of outsourcing to smaller companies in parts of the world where things are cheaper, but you can take the same approach to look for some expert partners too in your software development here in the UK.