Are you aware of what a school needs to have on its website according to government guidelines?


September is fast creeping up on us, and as the weather cools down and the Summer holidays draw to a close, thoughts turn to the new school term. And never before has ‘back to school’ meant so much to so many, with many children having spent the best part of 6 months away from their school, classmates and routine.


COVID has brought about many new rules and regulations for us all to follow, but schools are already well accustomed to following various legislation. There are plenty of rather obvious regulations that schools have to follow in various aspects of school – But did you know that the website was one of them?


You may not know that there are certain things that must be published on a website by schools maintained by their local authority in England, in order to comply with The School Information Regulations.


A school (maintained by their local authority in England) must publish the following information on their website:

- School contact details

- Admission arrangements

- Ofsted reports

- Exam and assessment results

- Performance tables

- Curriculum

- Behaviour policy

- School complaints procedure

- Pupil premium

- Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium

- PE and sport premium for primary schools

- Special educational needs (SEN) and disability information

- Careers programme information

- Equality objectives

- Governors’ information and duties

- Charging and remissions policies

- Values and ethos

- Requests for paper copies


If you’re unsure whether your school website has the required content, you can find out more information on the government website here:


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