When designing a simple website, there are actually some reeally good self-build tools available on the market.

You might find it odd that a company focussed on developing websites would suggest a self-build tool, but for those smaller organisations, charities and individuals without the budget required, they are a more than suitable option.

Our industry is seeing a democratisation of front-end web design. For those with a good eye for design and detail, and don’t mind trying to use a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) design tool, you can produce good results.

As the economic climate slows down, smaller organisations will have smaller marketing budgets and will be forced to do so much more in-house. 

We have long predicted that due to the over saturation of web design agencies in the marketplace, prices will get forced down, and there will be a race to the bottom, removing access to bespoke, quality front-end web design to all organisations bar those with big budgets who can afford the bespoke and large agency fees.

Which is a huge shame. Clients are focussed on their products and customers needs. They may have an eye for design, but web design agencies focussed 24/7 on building sites know so much more than just how to create a site. Consider how it fits in with their marketing strategy, the latest developments and technologies that can be applied to interactive elements, how User Experience research and best practice can make the site more effective. 

But quite often, clients just consider the end result. The years of experience and expertise is what is often most valuable, and makes a website successful. But perhaps our industry is really bad at conveying why we are worth the extra expense over and above these self-build tools.

That’s why at Sprechen we are focussed on building digital products and tools that really help drive productivity and cost-savings in business. Driving forward the adoption of digital products is where we are are at. Yes, we are happy to build a nice looking front-end portfolio site, but our clients see less and less value in that. That’s why we are focussed on digital products and applications.

Squarespace is one of the most well known (and frankly bloody brilliant) self-build web design tools, and you’re more than likely to have heard of another called Wix.



  • You can build things really quickly. Our average website build will take between 2-3 months, whereas if you’re happy to use pre-formatted templates, you could build a good looking, mobile response site overnight.
  • The cost is often a very small fee per month, literally a few pounds, saving thousands in agency fees
  • You can easily update the site without needing to hand off to a third-party



  • For those with really complex needs that involve websites which interact with lots of other systems, need really complicated search engines or where the website forms part of a huge database , these are probably the wrong tools for the job
  • The ability to manipulate SEO factors is severely reduced
  • Whilst these sites should not go down, a large amout of site visitors at once could bring the site tumbling down as they are not distributed and built
  • You’re handing over control of your data to a third party with little knowledge of what they will do with it.
  • Unless you’re going to update your website regularly, look at the Analytics and have a bit of knowledge about the process, potentially the site won’t get updated properly and you’ll fall behind your competitors.


So if you're looking for something a little less run of the mill, and have the marketing budget to invest in a well-built website unique to your business using the latest digital applications and technology, then take a look at what we do here at Spechen. If you need a cloud based bespoke online portal, or perhaps a bespoke built E-commerce website, we can help. We can even build applications and plug-ins that link with your existing systems. Work with us here at Sprechen, drive more profit and achieve your business goals through Bespoke Software, Cloud Tools, E-commerce & CRM Driven Websites and Digital Marketing Tools. Give us a call for an informal chat on 01962 670 190 or email us at talk@sprechen.co.uk .