We renewed our business insurance last week.


Yawn? Yeah, we nearly didn’t write this. But then we thought actually – So many people who design websites, web apps and mobile apps don’t have any cover, qualifications or official registrations for handling people’s data.


We do all of these things, and we pay for the privilege every year. Because it is a privilege – Our clients choose us and trust us, and it’s important that the data they provide us with is safe and secure.


Wondering what insurance we mean?


  1. Professional Indemnity
  2. Public Liability
  3. Data Protection for clients
  4. Registration at the ICO for holding client data


If you work with us, you’re working with a fully insured, data secure partner. People tend to be careful with their personal data digitally, but surprisingly many companies just give away all their data and data access to website and software companies with no real idea of where that data is actually going.


It’s so important for your business that you work with partners where you can feel safe, and trust what they are doing.


As someone’s client, you should want to make sure your digital supplier is fully insured, has policies in place for handling data, and procedures for restricting access to it. All individuals and organisations that process personal data need to pay a fee to the Information Commissioners Office by law as part of GDPR regulations.


So if you’re speaking with a digital specialist then these are the kind of questions you need to be asking, to make sure your data will be secure and they’ve got you covered.


Or now that you know we’ve got all of the above you could just come straight to us (but we would say that, wouldn’t we?).