Is your digital marketing strategy as dynamic as it could be?


It's the bane of our lives, something we seek to overcome, get on top of, and tell everyone about when we’ve got rid of it. But wouldn’t life be a little more difficult without email?


We often get asked about email marketing and to work on campaigns for our customers. But without a few key things in place, this can often become a wasted investment, leading to the misinterpretation that ‘email marketing doesn’t work for me’.


The main thing that people tend to not understand is that there is a lot of testing and trial involved in the process. You can tweak one little thing, and have hugely more beneficial results. Or quite the opposite!


So, here are some top tips from the team at Sprechen which we hope may help you with your email marketing campaigns.


You can be too keen, and also not keen enough


Consider the frequency in which you communicate with people. Are you emailing often enough to stay present in their minds, but not so much that you're being a nuisance? 


Is your email eye-catching, to the point and enticing? You may think people will view every part of your email, but that may not actually be the case. It takes a lot of persistence to get recognition, and even more to get them to take action


You can’t just do the email


So you've created the perfect email; What's next? They click the link! But what happens when people click from your incredible email, and then end up on a boring website with an unengaging message? They don’t take action. 


Everyone blames the email. But your website needs to be as incredible, if not more so, than your carefully constructed email. You've done that hard part - You've got them to click through to your website! So don't lose them - Consider how you can make the experience seamless in order to get your clients to take action.


It's also important to consider how both your email and website appear when people are on on a mobile. It needs to be user friendly, accessible and laid out right, no matter how they are viewing it.


The subject line matters


Personalise it as much as possible - You need to engage people and make it seem like you are speaking directly to them, not just a blanket email to all. 


As we said before, it's all about trialling and testing what works. Try different lengths, questions, engaging punctuation, and see what gets results. 


Consider your content


Don't bombard your recipients with loads of different things. One key message works best in the email, with one core call to action. 


It's so important to include a call to action - What's the point in your email if there isn't one?


We are far past the old school style of email newsletters saying everything. People are short of time, and even if they do actually read it all, they likely won’t take everything in.


Once you've got the email content right, you can then reuse it in your blogs and social media. It creates a sense of consistency, authenticity, and offers plenty of opportunity to turn that initial click into action.


We’re always happy to sit down and discuss your email marketing strategy, and to help you understand about how this can fit into your wider marketing strategy. The aim is to automate as much of your sales and marketing pipeline as possible. 


Linked together with our bespoke tools, ordering systems, management portals and social media tools, we can help you see how effective email marketing can help you to reach your business goals.