Wow the weather has really heated up! 

We love the summer sun, it just boosts everyone mood a bit doesn't it?

Although maybe 32 degrees plus is pushing it a little bit when you're not sat beside a pool sipping an ice cold beer... 

We've been melting at Sprechen HQ and trying to cool down any way possible. Not the easiest task when you're looking at bonfire imagery, but the thought of being out in the cool November air all cosied up in coats and hats is quite an appealing one right now!

This week we've really ramped up the Winchester Round Table Bonfire and Fireworks 2019 prep. There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes all year round, but from August through to November it gets super busy. 

We take our Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously here at Sprechen. Our roots are very much in Winchester and everything that we've grown into since we began is down to our local community. It's so important to us to put something back into our locality and Winchester Round Table Bonfire and Fireworks is just one of the ways we do that. 

We're currently busy starting the design work for the programme so that it's printed ahead of time ready to distribute to everyone in Winchester to promote our city's biggest charitable event.  

Social media marketing is also a huge part of making events like this a success, so we've already started work on a strong content marketing plan. Aside from the physical programme, there is a huge emphasis on digital promotion and thus we'll be utilising social advertising and conversion tracking.

We also have a huge email marketing database to help push the success of this event. 

These are all things that Sprechen are great at for our local and international clients, and so we are more than happy to share our expertise to ensure the annual Bonfire and Fireworks can keep fundraising levels as high as possible year on year. 

We're also proud to support the Rotary Club Clarendon Marathon by producing their programme as well. If you're into challenging yet picturesque marathons then you'll love this off-road route that takes you from Salisbury to Winchester. It takes place on the 6th October, and you can find more information on the website here . 

One of the best things about being involved in these types of community led events is the opportunity to work with partners across the city. It's a real privilege to work alongside so many local organisations who all come together sharing one vision to help charitable missions that are so local to us. 

We can't think of a better way to invest our time and company CSR fund than in the worthy causes around our home city. There's a lot to be done and we love to do it. 

And just one last thing before we go - A hot way to beat the heat in this weather! Did you know it's scientifically proven that a cup of tea will cool you down? Sounds like nonsense, but it does work! Sipping one as we speak...