It'll probably come as no surprise that a lot of Sprechen's time is spent coding coding coding. Steve will quite often pre-warn me that he is spending the next day coding and won't be as responsive to emails so he can immerse himself in it with no distractions. 


This is a life skill that is actually incredibly important, but not one that many people have as it hasn't really been something that's taught and more something specific that you set out to learn yourself. In a bid to try and fill the digital skills gap in our economy National Coding Week (from 17th-23rd September) was born (check out


Digital technology is a huge part of our everyday lives, how we spend our money and our time. So it's imperative that we understand how it works. 


I have a little boy who is in his 3rd year of primary school, and I have to say I was originally quite flabbergasted when I saw Coding on his subject timetable at the start of last year (I mean, I was fairly surprised that in year 1 they even had a timetable!). I was really surprised to see Coding on there, but very glad that they are starting to teach this skill from such a young age. 


You don't need to be a coding genius, but to understand it helps you in many different parts of life. I think it's really positive that we are trying to bridge this skillset gap at an earlier age and give them a base to start building the fundamentals on to. 


This is a skill that is becoming more and more important for a whole host of different jobs, not just within software - Basic HTML coding skills are part of many different job functions, not just those working in technology and marketing. Candidates at the moment are apparently missing that mark. So it would seem that schools are trying to bring a focus on to this, all be it a very simple one to start. 


Obviously what Steve sits and does in his Coding Cave is very different to my son programming a BeeBot to go various directions, but the starting blocks are there to build on. 


Interestingly, I have also recently come across a new train set developed by Lego Duplo which is aimed at bringing coding to pre-schoolers - They use the blocks to build a track, with certain pieces causing the train to do certain things (e.g. honk the horn) and can thus be placed strategically along with other pieces. Something that I will definitely be thinking about purchasing for my other little boy for Christmas (did I really just say the C word? Who am I kidding, I've already started my shopping!).


If you're interested in finding out more about coding and Coding Week then head over to . 


Luckily here at Sprechen we've got our resident expert in Steve, so if your business finds itself falling into that coding skillset gap, get in touch with us and see how we can help - email us at or check out our website