Calling all digital media experts! 


1 week today, next Saturday 23rd Feburary, we are proud to be sponsoring Winchester University's Digital Media Department Hack Day. A day where UX specialists, front-end designers, CAD specialists and developers meet to share their knowledge, expertise and talent to brainstorm and co-create something using all of their valuable skills. 


This particular DMD Hack Day is focusing on solving the donation problems that our cashless society brings to countless charities.


How many of you pay with coins or notes? Hardly anyone carries cash anymore because we can just tap, swipe, beep. I mean, you don't even have to use your card in some places, just your mobile phone! 


Super helpful and convenient for us, but not so great for those that rely on cash donations like homeless people, charities, churches and many fundraising methods. These types of donations are more often than not spontaneous and thus are whatever people have in their purse or pocket at that precise moment in time. 


And more often than not, that's nothing. 


But what if there was a donation point on the High Street that you could just tap on your way past, knowing that that set amount of money was going towards a Winchester based homelessness charity who make sure that rough sleepers are warm at night, and have a hot meal and enough to drink?


This is the kind of technology that we, in conjunction with the digital experts of Winchester, are hoping to conceptualise, design and build. The aim of this DMD Hack Day is to make high quality products that can be used in our local city of Winchester, benefitting our community, charities and people. 


Technology that enables Winchester based charities to receive donations quickly and easily using contactless. 


Here at Sprechen we are devoted to helping our community in many different ways, including our work with Winchester Round Table on their annual Fireworks Spectacular and Santa Sleigh. We love supporting initiatives where so much money is raised for Winchester charities and community organisations, which is why we are thrilled to sponsor another worthwhile cause local to us. 


So, if you are a fellow UX specialist, Front-End Designer, CAD specialist or developer and want to get involved in this DMD Hack Day, we would love for you to join us on Saturday 23rd February between 10am and 4pm.


This is the first one of 2019 - Let's make it a fanatstic start to this year's collaboration projects. 


You can visit the website here and register your interest here

We look forward to seeing you there!