All around the globe, many places are shut. Favourite restaurants, coffee shops, cosy bars, busy pubs, fashion stores.

For example, for us, a coffee shop is so much more than just a coffee shop – It’s the whole business vibe. We’re remote workers, and where we choose to spend our day isn’t just about a killer cup of coffee – It’s the whole ambience. The choice of décor, the scent, the furniture, the music playing in the background.

It comes as no surprise that brands have started coming up with ways to stay fresh in your mind, and we’ve loved seeing the innovative ways they’re bringing their atmosphere into your homes whilst Covid-19 stops you from visiting them.

A few of our favourites have been…

  • Spotify Playlists
    There’s nothing quite like listening to a song and letting it take you somewhere else. Brands sharing playlists that epitomise their vibe and business personality so people can feel like they are still in their business is the perfect way to transport you from your living room back to their bar. As I type, I’m listening to Soho House Malibu on Spotify – I can’t say I’ve personally visited this club for creative thinkers on the Californian coast, but their chilled out playlist is certainly making me feel less like I’m in my Winchester based living room and more like I’m sat next to the sea.


  • Printable Designs
    Citizen M hotels have come up with the ingenious idea of creating a print and cut version of their epically unique doormats so that people can use them at home and be reminded of being in their hotels whilst their unable to visit. All you need is the robe and slippers!

  • Customisable Zoom Backgrounds
    If you haven’t had a meeting, virtual coffee (or beer), or Quiz Night with friends via Zoom, then are you even in lockdown? Zoom is everywhere, everyone’s using it, and brands have cottoned on to creating customisable backgrounds so people can hide their untidy houses and instead replace it with somewhere they’d probably rather be. KFC, Burger King and Yorkshire Tea have all created some brilliant examples. Who doesn’t want to pretend they’re sat in Burger King? Personalisation is always a big marketing trend, and easy for people to get behind.

What innovative ideas have you seen from your favourite brands recently?