Working a little smarter in 2016

We are back at Sprechen HQ, and we are focused, determined and thinking smart for 2016. 2015 taught us a lot - some good, some bad and some lessons that required a little time to sit back and think through what on earth it all meant!

We have a list of aims and rules for how we will approach work in 2016 to ensure we give the best possible service to our clients and make our lives run as smoothly as possible. Vicky has even devised a dreaded tick box/ list creation for new projects that will almost certainly drive everyone crackers by the end of January. But the driving force behind the lists, meetings and discussions is simple - to work smarter. We love what we do here at Sprechen and certainly don't mind hard work, but if we are putting in heaps of effort, we want to make sure it pays off with heaps of success for us and our clients.

There are also the obligatory New Years resolutions knocking about the office at this time of year, so to cover them all off in as few words as possible: yes, we all want to get fit, yes we all want to be slightly less tubby, yes Steve has put heaps of 'jogs' and 'gym sessions' in the calendar that we can only guess whether he has gone to or not.... and yes Vicky has started to clear and tidy her wardrobe in an effort to live a more grown up existence. She has also already got slightly bored of sorting clothes, given up and sliced a little bit of leftover Christmas cake off to snack on whilst she observes the mess.


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