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Coding and app building has dominated the Sprechen digital collective’s work again this week. Steve has been out and about meeting clients to update them on their marketing and brainstorm ways to keep their business at the top of the pile. We’ve also been working on some client assets for upcoming tradeshows, making sure our people stand out against the competition. We are pleased to say we can now automate your Instagram pictures as well as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn posts – drop us a line if this sounds interesting. The Sprechen team is a huge fan of Instagram and thinks this is a great way to engage customers, promote competitions and market your events! We’ve been looking ahead at events in the autumn and Christmas parties – suddenly the end of summer doesn’t seem so distant. Vicky’s been with Sprechen for a whole year this week, so we may have to step out for a few gins to celebrate this weekend.

In ‘other news’ this week, Steve's been blending some of his favourite pastimes together for maximum downtime efficiency! A long walk between Winchester and Southampton was made infinitely more pleasurable by stopping off at as many pubs as possible along the way. A bit of eating and drinking at a BBQ was also a chance to have a catch up with the local Round Table and plan some of the upcoming fundraising events. Vicky actually drove away from the thunderstorms in Hampshire to catch the Perseid meteor shower on a big hill in Somerset – she has now been branded an enormous geek by the rest of the Sprechen team for her troubles. The Sprechen spaniel also could not understand why a visit to the countryside was accompanied by lying on the ground staring at the sky instead of running around, so bothered some children having a late night picnic until they shared their sarnies. Sam has been visiting his parents for the week but will be back in Winchester this weekend, much to the relief of pub landlords and their balance sheets across the city.


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