This Week in Team Sprechen

Steve has been all over Hampshire and beyond, meeting our clients, planning exciting new campaigns and signing off some website builds.

Sprechen has grown so much in the last year the focus is now all about finding the balance between growing the business, and managing the growth to keep staff and clients happy. Steve is constantly looking at new ways to make sure we are all working cohesively and keeping the lines of communication working smoothly here at Sprechen.

Sam celebrated his birthday this last week. We are loathe to share with you how disgracefully young he seems, particularly to those of us for whom birthdays are now being counted backwards.

When not indulging in birthday cake and beers, Sam has been building some stupendous new websites for our clients. Sam is also on hand to provide technical support to the team when it is needed – true to stereotype, it is Vicky and Laura who need this support more often than not!

Vicky has spent an enormous amount of this week writing copy. Copy for websites, copy for social media accounts, copy for blogs and copy for collateral.

She now dreams in copy, and finds herself running a rather critical eye over the numerous political leaflets being dropped through the door by canvassers (those that escape the jaws of the spaniel – she ate Labour, shredded the Green Party but left Lib Dem and Conservative leaflets intact, so make of that what you will. A centre-right spaniel?). Pictured – one rather dreadful spaniel, looking charming.

This week is now all about getting our heads down and working on the hard-won business from the last month. Not a bad position to be in, at all!


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