Systems, Strategy and Socialising

It’s been a week of systems and strategy for Team Sprechen. We’ve been fitting new systems for clients that endeavour to save time and money. We have created an internal portal this week which operates on a cloud system, allowing our client to manage progress and monitor all aspects of business on one system. Previously our client was using excel spreadsheets to store this kind of data, but we informed them of a more intelligent and more efficient way to run their business online. Here at Sprechen we love to help make businesses more efficient and people-friendly.

This week we also enjoyed building a system for a client that allowed them to manage their meetings, holidays and sickness leave which we hope will prove invaluable in saving time and energy. The system that we have installed will allow them to keep essential information in one place. On Friday this week we have a training day in Stratford-upon-Avon with this client to go through the essentials of the system and answer any questions to ensure that everyone can use it effectively.

If you follow our social (which you should!) you will also know that this week we are looking forward to the weekend, where we will be attending a 90’s style rave which one of our clients is hosting! It will be at Southampton Guildhall and as always we are looking forward to making friends and doing what we do best - being social!

On behalf of Team Sprechen, we hope you have a fantastic week and are always hoping to hear from you - reach out via social media or call us on 01962670190.


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