Summer Musings

It’s amazing how many go on holiday, suddenly email inboxes get quieter, phones stop ringing quite so much as the school holidays kick in.

But we like summer here at Sprechen, it’s a great opportunity to do some planning, get on with tidying up some projects and the chance to sit by the water with some summer breeze, an iPad and a pint of coke, figuring out “what’s next?”.

Just a few weeks ago, we ticked past the mid point of the year, have you achieved half of everything you intended to do so?

Goals are massively important - they are written on our computer desktops, on the walls, and on the back of the toilet door. Without something to aim for, why are we here?

With these hugely sunny days affecting when we can truly be at our best, you start to priortise what can be achieved. I know we will be working early, up by 5am with the sun, and taking the afternoons to indulge in the heat, somewhere cool.

Living and working in the South, we are lucky enough to be a stones throw from the Solent. If you live here and don’t take full advantage of it, then you’re missing out. So many stunning hamlets and coastal villages with fantastic views over to the Isle of Wight. Imaging living in Birmingham or Nottingham and being hundreds of miles away from the sea.

And we will be sat each afternoon in places like that, just like we are writing this, reflecting on how we can make things better for everyone we deal with - clients, community, suppliers. It’s a different kind of work.

So don’t hide away from the sunshine, use that tanning time to make a difference for the rest of the year.


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