Sprechen on the mend

Sprechen has been a little bit broken since we last blogged - Steve's been knocked sideways by the dreaded spring 'flu that has afflicted Winchester whilst Vicky has undertaken a strict new fitness regime far beyond her capabilities, and due to very sore legs can frequently be found stranded at the top of a flight of stairs completely incapable of getting down them. Laura dished out an appropriate amount of sympathy for an hour or so before chivying the team along and taking control of the office, exactly as she should.

Thankfully we are now on the mend and, with the help of a little paracetamol, kept the Sprechen home fires burning throughout the various medical dramas. Steve's lecturing at the University has now ended for this academic year, so he some more spare time to focus on a few exciting new projects, including our sister company Geekabit Wi-Fi Expert. If you need help with Wi-Fi issues, you know who to call...

Steve's diary over the past week has been chock-full of client update meetings and planning sessions for the coming months, as well as plenty of coding and development. Vicky has been working on end of month reports for our clients whilst continuing to churn out content for websites, blogs, social media and magazines.

We've also been geeking out reading about the rapidly rising number of Facebook profiles belonging to dead people (spooky!), the latest stats on the most important aspects of marketing (data and content, in case you wondered), Whatsapp's end to end encryption and the Israeli tech firm who helped the FBI into a locked iPhone. Much to think about.

All in all it's been another busy week for Winchester's finest digital collective (well, we're the finest in our own humble opinion, of course..).


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