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There is no doubt about it - social media is important to businesses. Just 5 years ago most social media platforms were still considered a novelty but since then businesses have cottoned on to the benefit of cultivated communities of engaged and like-indeed people sharing their news. Now it is rare to find a business (big or small) that has not got a social media presence and of course many large businesses have dedicated teams managing their feeds

Here at Sprechen we spend a lot of time creating social media messages for a range of businesses talking to both consumers and other companies, which means we are used to identifying the key elements that need to be put together to build an effective online community.

Firstly you need to make sure you have a handle on who your customer and therefore your audience is, to ensure the tone of you messages is correct. When you begin to message them evaluate the responses to that content and any queries or messages you get. At Sprechen we then use that information to tailor future content around those points, hoping to answer questions in advance and make sure the community is getting the information it wants from the feeds.

A question that is often asked of someone managing an established social media community is: what is more important - the number of followers or the level of engagement? Is is better to be sending your content and messages to 10 thousand people or be interacting with fewer followers? We think the answer depends on what you see you view as the purpose of your community. If you want to send your messages as far and wide as possible, such as an offer, discount or the date your sale starts,surely the bigger the audience the better.There might not be a direct call to action there and then, such as a click through, but the message is getting out there. But if you want to better understand your customers, find out what they want from you and adjust what you offer them accordingly, then engagement is important too.

It takes time to identify the 'voice' of your social media messages and build up an online following, so make sure you give it time. And remember, consistency both in the tone of the messages you send and the volume of content is key. Go forth and multiply (the number of followers!).


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