Sprechen helping us stay caffeinated

As part of Sprechen's new budget review Steve has been trying to figure out how our employees can work smarter.

We already think we work pretty smartly and a large part of that success is due to working remotely. Sprechen is a big believer in the death of the office space and our team can often be found working in a quiet corner of a coffee shop. Sprechen has therefore decided to cover coffee expenses for employees since most of our best work comes about when everyone is highly caffeinated.

Team Sprechen are always on the move as we love to keep creativity levels high, so Steve thought that it is only fair to pay for coffee expenses when everyone is out and about. If you were stuck in an office your employer would probably provide tea and coffee as a given but here at Sprechen we do things a little differently. Because working remotely works for our people, we think it's only right to reimburse them for coffee costs.

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