Snow, sleet, sunshine and Sprechen

As the Sprechen team adjust back to working life after long Bank Holiday weekend we felt it was time for a little update on what we have been up to lately (other than the constant dilemma of what on earth to wear to work when it's snowing one minute and balmy sunshine the next?!).

The past week or so has seen Steve put his thinking cap on for one of our oldest clients in preparation for their automotive trade show season. He's delighted at the chance to play with some new toys including a wedding DJ inspired Gobo projector, Raspberry Pi mini computers (which are being placed inside some of their products) and creating a location-based offer working through GPS. Making sure visitors to trade shows are interested and engaged when they view your stand is a tough job, but Steve certainly has it nailed.
. In our more routine work, there have been tweaks and updates to existing websites as well as building bespoke data capture systems for new clients. The usual content writing, blogging, social messages and Instagram posts are ongoing for Vicky while Steve has become best friends with South West Trains as he's been in London nearly every other day providing reliable Wi-Fi networks for events and charity auctions.

In his precious spare time Steve has been out cycling across most of Hampshire (well, that's how it feels) and getting stuck into Round Table event planning. Vicky's been plodding around Parkrun courses in Hampshire and usually improves by around 10 seconds a week. Last weekend saw a jubilant (but hot and bothered) Vicky knock a minute off her PB - fueled by a night of pizza, ice cream and gin the evening before. We'd better let Team GB know what they need to do in Rio....


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