Rooting out useful marketing tools

You know how much the team at Sprechen love to get our teeth into new tools which help us make our clients' voices heard as far and wide as possible, so imagine our delight to stumble upon feedly this month. Feedly is a website which allows you to search, gather and read news or content relevant to a client, so you have a 360 degree view of where they sit in relation to everyone else in their sector. This can allow you to ensure that their content is fresh and new or share someone else's opinion or take on the same subject - after all, an authoritative brand shares other people's ideas as well as their own.

We also found out about #journorequests while hoovering up some bacon rolls at a networking event and plan to use that in the near future too. The hashtag allows journalists who need a little help from experts or companies to spread the word on twitter. Find something that fits the story you need to share, drop the journalist a line and you have a PR match made in heaven!

Outside of the office, Steve has spent the weekend at Glastonbury working on a project for our sister company Geekabit Wi-Fi. Mud certainly featured a lot as, you will no doubt have seen, and the weekend culminated with the caravan being towed out (yes, caravan not tent - we are over 30 you know) at the end of the festival.

Vicky visited Zurich for a few days of hiking in the mountains, floating down a river on an inflatable boat and drinking beer in the city's numerous bars. It all sounds rather heavenly doesn't it? Well, as much as Winchester is beautiful and lovely, there is a lot to be said for sitting in a mountainside bar overlooking the city, basking in 30 degree sunshine and drinking a cold beer...


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