Organic YOUR September

We've been reading around what's coming up in September (as you do in this game) and up popped National Organic Month from the Soil Association!

There is always a lot in the media surrounding eating habits, with vegan and gluten & dairy free diets becoming more and more common.

With the exception of Free Range Eggs - I always check that - I'm definitely guilty of not really looking carefully at the food I buy.

So this September initiative aims to encourage people to buy more organic produce - Whether that's one organic item in your weekly shopping, choosing something organic when you're out and about dining in restaurants or grabbing an organic coffee on the go.

You may be sat there thinking what difference would doing this make?

Well, if more people bought organic produce, then there would be more demand for organic farms. This would mean less pesticides being used, and thus more wildlife. It also means that more animals would be raised under higher standards. Basically, the Soil Association are saying that the better the choices we make with food, the better the world we live in will be. Sounds good to us!

If this has got you interested then there's loads more information on their website - . You can download their free starter kit which has details on organic events, organic recipes (I want to try the pancakes!) and even money off vouchers (including organic Gin!).

And if you're out around our home city of Winchester then here are a few places where you can find organic goods...

Harroway Organic Gardens, Whitchurch - They have been growing organic fruit and vegetables for 30 years. You can find them at their Farm Shop, at Winchester Farmer's Market throughout the Summer (the second and final Sunday of each month) and Whitchurch Country Market on a Friday.

Rawberry - Vegetarian cafe in Winchester offering smoothies, juices, fresh drinks and Winchester's only organic, locally roasted coffee.

Fuzzi - Located on the renowned Parchment Street, Fuzzi provides a range of groceries, clothes, gifts and other products which are all local, fair trade, or ethically made in some other way.

So, why not Organic YOUR September? It's not all hipster avocados you know. #ChooseOrganic #OrganicSeptember


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