Meaningful Moments from Twitter

The biggest challenge for a successful social network. How to keep users interested, attract new users and keep people on your platform as long as possible.

Twitter have made a significant change to their homepage this month that the eagle-eyed among you may have noticed, a new tab squeezed in between 'Home' and 'Notifications' called 'Moments' and signified with a lightning bolt symbol. So what are 'Moments', and what does the change mean for you? Twitter Moments are, in short, Twitter's attempt to give its contact an editorial direction.

Since its launch Twitter has been a platform for users to share and access breaking news and information as events take place, meaning traditional news outlets who have to verify their stories are often left behind. The darker side of this is when misinformation and rumour are shared and accepted as truth by naive Twitter members, or stark and dreadful reality being leaked worldwide as it happens, such as during the Paris terrorist attacks in November. In any case, content was limited by 140 character limits so to get more depth and contrast for any story a user was often sent off-platform to a news page, blog or other social network.

Twitter Moments are journalist-written news stories, opinion pieces, daily round-ups and music reviews. They are still quite a bit shorter than Tweets, but are supported by popular Tweets, and crucially can be shared by any Twitter user. So more depth, opinion and conversation while remaining on Twitter - an attractive proposition for! We think Promoted Moments will not be far behind - perhaps a better option for many businesses than Promoted Tweets. Exciting times and definitely something we'll be keeping a close eye on here at Sprechen in 2016.


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