Many, many easter eggs

What's the latest news from Sprechen HQ? Well we were proud as punch to see Winchester listed as the best place to live in the UK - of course we already knew about the brilliant pubs and restaurants to try, we already walk, run and play in the beautiful countryside and enjoy working with some imaginative and dedicated businesses and charities in the city, But it's always nice for anything one is so fond of to get national recognition, and hopefully we'll get lots of visitors coming to the area to explore this summer.

Speaking of the seasons, we are simply astonished that the clocks have already changed and spring has suddenly sprung upon us (though those people left without roofs after Storm Katie may disagree about the last bit ). Everyone is looking forward to sunny evenings, barbecues and some warmer weather - although it seems we have more wet and windy weather to contend with first! Rainy days are a great time to knuckle down and really focus on finishing up lingering project work, leaving time on sunnier days to step outside to think about creative projects and imaginative solutions.

But enough of the very British chatter about the weather - what have we done for our clients that is new and exciting? Steve's spent around an hour working to automate some reports for a client, a clever bit of coding that will save them 60 man hours a year - not to be sniffed at! We've implemented automated serer backups for all our clients with a system that sends a text message to our phones if there is something wrong. Vicky's been writing copy for lots of new websites that Steve is churning out each week and pushing out content on a myriad of different social networks for a host of clients, whilst Laura keeps everyone on track, our clients happy and our coffee cups full.

Oh yes, and during March we ate chocolate eggs. Lots and lots of chocolate eggs. Stretchy trousers all round!


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