How to be Happy

We like to think we are a fairly cheerful bunch here at Sprechen - after all, we get to spend our days working with some of the best businesses in Winchester and right across Europe - and we wanted to share some of our daily actions that keep us in tip-top emotional shape.

Work forms the largest part of our days, weeks, months and years, as it does for the majority of people across the world. We are lucky that we enjoy our work , but strongly believe we should do things to help other people as well as ourselves, and Sprechen is built on the foundations of charity values. Steve tirelessly shares his energy and expertise with local and national charities benefiting disadvantaged young people. We want to make Winchester a great place for everyone to grow up.

We all try to exercise at least once a day - even if that exercise is simply a walk. Sometimes it is much more, like Steve's mega bike rides from one south coast city to another or Vicky's trail running up and down the Jurassic coast (poor spaniel running-buddy) but most of the time it is a gym class, weights session or jog around Winchester. Exercise is proven to benefit the brain as much as the body, and gets us away from our laptops for a while each day.

The Sprechen collective immerses itself in the digital world for work (and boy do we love it!), but digital is now so integral to everyday life that it can be hard to disconnect when we finish work. We try to take the time to engage with real people and notice the world around us, whether that is by visiting family, making time to meet friends face to face or leaving the iPhone behind for a few hours. Making Steve remove the fitbit is a challenge we are yet to conquer...

If we have any time left in our week, we work on our goals and make sure we learning new things. This part of our happiness mantra is interwoven with our careers, exercise, charity work and hobbies but we know the value of making sure you can look back year-on-year and identify progress made, new skills learnt and plan where you want to be this time next year!

What do you do to make sure you are getting the most out of your life? We would love to hear how other people strive for balance, excellent and a stronger community.


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