Getting that 'back to school' feeling

It's the first week of September and stationary sales across the country are rocketing as parents diligently buy colourful little maths sets with protractors and compasses that their beloved offspring will promptly lose after fiddling with them once (or naughtily scratching something on their desk).

Sprechen (at the moment) manages to escape from most parent-ish school related activities, but a hefty 'back to school' feeling has still descended upon the team. We've had a busy summer of work but autumn looks set to be jam-packed with designing and developing client assets for trade shows, developing complicated e-commerce websites and building apps for a variety of business sectors.All alongside looking after all our clients other marketing needs, both digital and more traditional! Steve is preparing to resume lecturing at the University of Winchester once a week - exciting times as even after just one summer break there are so many exciting new digital topics to think about.

The past few weeks have been taken up with endless coding - Vicky has even learnt a tiny little bit, certainly nothing to scare Sam and Steve out of their day jobs though! We have been arranging advertorial in some great local magazines for a longstanding client as well as plenty of graphic design projects. Our sister company Sprechen Wi-fi has been keeping Steve out of trouble day and night as have his efforts to turn an aged milk float into a Santa Sleigh. Watch this space for what could be some very amusing images. Some design work has already been completed for the Winchester bonfire and fireworks, and suddenly long dark evenings (which means you HAVE to go to the pub) seem imminent.

Talking of pubs, the Sprechen digital collective are gathering in our hometown of Winchester to celebrate another successful year. Depending on your attitude to cider consumption, either avoid the area or come along on Friday the 18th!


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