Everything is changing…and I know, gotta let go

Simple words from a fantastic song by Sigma and Paloma Faith from a years ago, and yet packed full of meaning for anyone looking to make a difference.

And here at Sprechen, we’ve come to an understanding of what we actually do . A summer of self reflection and reviewing our successes and losses over the past six and a bit years.

And the more we’ve looked, the more we’ve figured out exactly how we help people, and it’s created a new process for us and everyone we meet. We now have more systems and processes that ensure you get the most out of our expertise, and we’ve been rebuilding our own expertise with some exciting new appointments.

Why? Because it’s not complete cheese or marketing bull, our clients are like our friends. We want to do the best for them, help them, work hard for them, and then party with them and celebrate their successes.

And that’s the core foundation of our promise and ethos soon to be launched. Everything is changing, and I know… “we gotta let go"


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