Don't forget the basics!

Here at Sprechen we love to have our finger on the pulse of digital media, and are always checking out the latest ways for our clients to connect with their customers or investigating new consumer trends.

But we know the importance of never forgetting the basics, and that includes emails. People now check their emails an average of 15 times per day (we bet it's more than that for most of you though!), and remain reliant upon and attached to them as much as ever. In an age of Whatsapp, Facebook and Snapchat many people may no longer use emails for chatting to their friends, but as social media networks strengthen and weaken, email remains a solid platform to messages about new products, offers and news.

In the eCommerce world, 23% of revenue is driven by email campaigns. Customer behaviour shows that people don't religiously check websites for new products and offers, they see them on email and then click through. A browse through Twitter might be fun for some gossip or funny memes, but email is still king for getting your message out there.

So what's our message to our customers, and any other readers out there? Use every channel available to you if it brings your customers to you. Just because you see benefits from using social networks don't neglect email campaigns - they are going to be around for a while yet! Just don't get us started on segmented messaging...


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