Attitude of Gratitude

This week at Sprechen we are enjoying year 8 of business and are feeling all soppy about the customers we’ve looked after over the years who have become good friends. We genuinely love our customers and appreciate the huge amounts of trust they put in us every day to keep their information safe and deliver what we promise.

We’ve been to our fair share of weddings, christenings and parties over the years and have really got to know who we are working for. Last weekend we even got treated to box tickets to the football courtesy of one of our top clients which was really great fun. We are all about meeting as many people as we can and really getting stuck into the social both on and offline.

In other news this week, we have been relocating our company sleigh (yes you read that correctly!). You may have spotted our director riding the sleigh around Winchester in a high vis. jacket in order to relocate the company vehicle. It has been hiding away in Winchester bus station for a couple of months but now that winter is over we have been moving it ready for some summer shenanigans in the name of charity.

On behalf of Team Sprechen we hope you have a wonderful Easter and eat lots of chocolate!


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