All change at Instagram

We've been setting up lots of Instagram accounts this week for our clients, and interestingly this has coincided with some key changes to that particular social network.

Instagram has finally moved over to start using algorithms to manage it's users feeds, a move Facebook took years ago and one that Instagram say is designed to ensure it's users don't miss anything.

The company claims that you miss 70% of the content in your feeds, so perhaps assuming that you follow enough other accounts and don't spend all day on the network, so only get to a certain point of scrolling through the photos.

Probably true of many if not most of the users, but I know how I use my personal Instagram, how my mother uses it, my sister, some good friends and my boyfriend. We all keep the list of accounts we follow pretty small, and really do use it to see where each other has been and what we do. It's great - my sister lives in Switzerland and my mother travels (a lot, the joy of retirement...) and I get to see their lovey posts. In return, they get to see many pictures of either my spaniel, my boyfriend of my hedgehog. I do look at feeds and hashtags of other spaniels and hedgehogs (not so much other boyfriends) but don't follow many of those accounts at all... that's the key part.

The new Instagram feed uses an algorithm which promises to show me 'more of what I want to see' - I guess it will know what I look at and engage with regardless of who I follow, and tailor the posts I see to those from my followers that tick those boxes. Hmmm.

I've already missed some posts from my sister about her art PHD - I admit that I have no idea what she is posting about, someof it looks like tables with bear's feet as the legs, but she is in Lativa and I would have liked to see pictures of that. However I must concede that the folks at Instagram have created my favourite social media platform ever, and most likely know what they are doing. If this move means they sell more advertising, gain users and secure their future then kudos to them... but they might lose a few loyal users along the way!


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