A very 'Sprechen-ish' July so far...

It's been a few weeks since we last blogged and there are no prizes for correct guesses as to why - we've been rather busy.

Steve attended Glastonbury with his Sprechen Wi-Fi hat on, providing wireless network expertise and hardware to the various stages around the site. The 'most unlikely festival-goer' (FYI, that name came from one of our clients and NOT from fellow members of the Sprechen team!) survived his week in the Somerset countryside, and even enjoyed it a bit this time around. Crew catering got a big thumbs up, silent discos too - though they never tell you about the singing-along from tipsy revellers at 4am when it is suggested you camp near one!

Back in the office the focus has, as ever, been on keeping businesses across Hampshire communicating effectively with their customers. There are now so many 'touchpoints' between a business and its customers to take advantage of that marketing has become a very varied beast. We've been building apps, optimising websites for mobile technology, managing social media building, clever interactive Twitter games for trade shows, sending e-shots, looking at branding, writing copy and even partaking in some traditional PR.

And in our spare time? Steve has been to play in Henley for the Royal Regatta (and do a little bit of stand-in DJing), Vicky has been to a Royal Navy air day to say goodbye to a favourite jet bomber from recent history (every girl has one of those, right?), Sam has been keeping the pubs of Winchester in business and, while Laura has been a social butterfly and constantly posts pictures on Instagram of parties. All rather good fun, wouldn’t you agree?

Oh, and the jet bomber was the Vulcan by the way. Epic.


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